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Welcome to LigBuilder v2.0!


  1. What is LigBuilder v2.0?Download
  2. How to install LigBuilder v2.0?
  3. How to use LigBuilder v2.0: An overview
  4. How to manipulate CAVITY?
  5. How to manipulate BUILD?
  6. Advanced skills
  7. Frequently asked questions


  LigBuilder v2.0 was first released on March 8, 2012. You may download the newest version by clicking the icon above. ( Lastest updating of the package: June 5, 2012.)

  Download stand-alone Cavity:
      Cavity v1.1  

  Cavity Online Server:
      CavityPlus Online Server  

  Download previous version of LigBuilder:
      LigBuilder v1.2

  Download the new version of LigBuilder:
      LigBuilder v2.0

  Download the lastest multi-target version of LigBuilder:
      LigBuilder v3.0

  Download other programs developed by MDL:
      Home Page of MDL


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