PSPredictor is a sequence-based tool for query and prediction of potential phase separation proteins (PSPs).

By integrating database LLPSDB [] (liquid-liquid phase separation database), the machine learning based PSP prediction model PSPredictor enables users to

access the most similar proteins (to the query proteins) in LLPSDB and their experimentally validated phase separation conditions
know whether their query proteins are PSPs based on PSPredictor prediction

Please input your sequence in fasta format:   

1. Press the "Blast" button to blast the query protein sequence against the the LLPSDB database.
2. When running "blast", one sequnece is recommened. If multiple sequences are submitted, only the first sequence is used for blast.
3. Press the "PSPredict" button to predict whether the query proteins(s) are PSP(s) using PSPredictor. Please refer to the details of PSPredictor here.
4. When running "PSPredict", a maximum of 100 sequences are allowed.
5. Sequences with B,J,O,U,X,Z are not allowed.
6. This web server is freely accessible to academic users. For industry users, please send inquires to

Blast results

PSPredictor prediction results